Allison Davis
Owner + Photographer + Creator

Allie specializes in graphic design, websites, SEO, social media strategy, content photography, and email marketing.


Allison was raised in southern California and moved to Albuquerque in December 2016. After working in marketing and communications for over eight years, Allison decided to use her skills to benefit clients that she believes would most benefit from her expertise. Allison loves working with small businesses and celebrates when she sees them blossom into their full potential.

Allison earned her bachelor's degree in communications in new media which enabled her to offer her clients even more insight on social media and digital marketing.​

She's now pursuing a Master's degree in Marketing with a focus in Social Media Marketing.

Meet The Team

Tina Villa

Creative Assistant

Hey, I am Tina Villa. I am passionate about helping local businesses thrive through social media, marketing, and branding. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Anderson School of Business and have actively been working with local businesses for over 15 years. I love seeing people's dreams come true, and being a part of that journey is so exciting!

I am passionate about my family and serving the local community. My husband and I own Villa Macaron, and create beautiful macarons that we love to share with local businesses! If you haven't tried Meraki coffee shop, go grab some coffee with a few of our macarons every weekend!


One of the many reasons that I am excited to join the Dashing Creative Team is to see the excitement and smiles on our customers' faces as we show them what is possible and available to them as we help their business thrive and be seen.